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May 2014

Dear Lakeview Family,

I write today to share a few comments about recent events in Lakeview Public Schools and offer thanks to our students, staff, parents and community.  As often as we have good news, I never get tired of sharing it with you.

First, the week of April 27th, Lakeview hosted an Accreditation Visiting Team in order to facilitate a major component of the process for our on-going AdvancED Accreditation (an international benchmark of quality).  The group consisted of five highly qualified and experienced individuals whose purpose was to observe, interview, review, and hopefully confirm Lakeview’s overall systems, practices and outcomes.  As a snapshot of their work over the four day period, the team completed the following:

1)      Interviewed: 20 administrators and school level leaders, 45 teachers and support staff, 4 Board Members, 38           students, and 38 parents/community members

2)      Observed 48 classrooms in four buildings for a minimum of 20 minutes each (mostly core academic)

3)      Reviewed hundreds of pages of artifacts, school achievement data, and other supporting materials

4)      Compared our "self-assessment" score on the Accreditation Application with their own score (we scored ourselves lower than they did)

5)      Presented an Exit Report highlighting key points at a Special Board Meeting called on April 30th.

I am very pleased to report that Lakeview has been recommended for Continuing Accreditation!  The Visiting Team exit report provided feedback to the District and identified five (5) Powerful Practices and one (1) Recommendation going forward.  The personal comments of the Chair, Dr. Cheryl Allread, suggested our overall scores on the "Index of Educational Quality" in their report were the highest she has seen in two years and review of approximately 18 other districts across the United States.  Great job to all of our staff who contribute to our "culture of continuous improvement" all year-long.  Particular thanks also goes out to Assistant Superintendent Tracy VanPeeren, and the District School Improvement Committee team members who did a large amount of work leading up to the Visiting.  We are Lakeview, and this visiting team "felt" that message for four days!  GREAT JOB!

Second, during the May 6, 2014, Board of Education Meeting reviewed and approved the District Strategic Plan 2014-19.  They had a first discussion about several components at their meeting of April 1 (Priority Areas, Mission, and Belief Statements).  On May 6th they finished this process that will lead us into Action Planning and looking toward the future.  To help you better understand the major points, The Priority Area titles, Goal Statements for each, and the expected Mission Statement is linked above.  Many individuals helped in this work, including staff, parents and community members. I would like to extend my personal thanks and appreciation to the Steering Team and our Administrative team, who put in significant extra time getting the language clarified and trimmed down to what we have today.  This work would not have gotten done without the collective effort by more than 50 individuals.  However, my special thanks goes out to Steering Team members: Tracy VanPeeren, David Lavender, Chris Hahn, Donna Marable, and Debbie DePape.  AGAIN, GREAT JOB by all!

This year, in particular, I have been blessed to share so many good stories and we recorded so many achievements about our students and staff that the year has passed faster than ever.  I thank everyone for making it all happen!  Lakeview today. . .Leaders tomorrow starts in our classrooms classrooms every day—I AM LAKEVIEW, and proud of it. 

With Warmest Regards,
Karl D. Paulson
Superintendent of Schools

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