Itinerant Staff Directory
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Staff Assignment E-mail Address
Tammy Donahue Elementary Social Worker
Barbara Jo Morisette Elementary Counselor
Sarah Guadalupe Elementary Counselor
Mary Kay May Elementary Health & Music
Shannon Tierney Elementary Art / Parochial Art & Computers
Eleonora Barbov Parochial Music, Physical Ed., Computers
Mary Duster Elementary Health, Physical Ed., Parochial Physical Ed.
Elizabeth Cowden Parochial World Language & Art
Amy Krzywiecki Parochial Media, Art, Physical Ed.
Nancy LaPorte Elementary Music
Ian Schulz Elementary Art & Physical Ed.
Andrea Torey Elementary Foreign Language (Spanish)
Middle School Physical Ed
Ann Marie Maccani Reading Specialist, Princeton/Harmon
Linda Pelloni Reading Specialist, Ardmore/Greenwood
Lisa Payne Elementary Orchestra 0.4
JMS Orchestra/Chorus, LHS Orchestra
Jodi Thompson Elem. Music, High School Band & Choir, Jazz Band & Parochial Music
Lisa Kepler School Psychologist
Verdell Brunson Social Worker 1.0, Special Education
Kristen Mueller Speech Therapist
Mary Lou Weber Speech Therapist
Jennifer Rouleau Speech Therapist
Lauren VanOverbeke Speech Therapist
Jennifer Donnelly Response to Intervention Teacher
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